Hooded Litter Box


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Hooded Litter Box
If your long term plan is to use a covered litter tray for your new cat or kitten, the best practice is to use a hood on your tray as early as possible. BD Direct offer a wide range of hooded litter trays ranging from small hooded cat litter tray for kittens - to large hooded cat litter tray for adult and senior cats.

If your cat is using an open litter tray currently and you wish to make the transition to a large hooded cat litter tray then you can follow the following tips to get them used to this.

A great point to start at is leaving the flap off of your large hooded cat litter tray for the first week whilst your kitten gets used to being enclosed. Another brilliant technique is to use the current used litter into the new hooded tray so that they can smell their scent and become accustomed to it.

If you are looking for a small hooded cat litter tray for a kitten though, we would recommend purchasing our Galaxy litter tray, which is a bestseller with our customers. This small hooded cat litter tray is not only perfect for kittens who are learning to use a tray for the first time, but it also looks fabulous in your home!